5 things must do when staying at CHICLAND Hotel

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Created from solid bare concrete blocks and covered with full of green tree at 4 facades of the building, CHICLAND Hotel appears imposingly as a vertical green park. At a place where there is an impressive appearance, surely, its architecture, services, and activities would be very unique. Let’s experience all activities and discover special features at CHICLAND Hotel.

  1. Join experience classes.

All the experiences of CHICLAND Hotel give guests the chance to explore the "Green – ego”, get rid of daily worries, and let your mind become fresh. Each class creates a different experience, the participants will discover some new and exciting things in each class. At “farm to table” class, guests will be immersed in the world of taste with thousands of dishes cooked from fresh ingredients of local and CHICLAND’s farm. The participants, at Tea ceremony class, will be taught how to distinguish many types of tea and make a cup of tea according to Vietnamese tea culture by themselves; then they will realize that the peaceful part of life is simple as drinking a cup of tea. Besides, guests will have opportunity to enjoy the coziest space on the way to find themselves right at Zen class.

Experience classes at CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Use cultural spa treatments at The SPA

Static surround, light aroma, gentle rhythm. Spa treatments at THE SPA balance mind and body, lead guests to a relaxed place, feel every breath as if being in heaven. Concentrate on keeping and developing local cultures, massage “BẤM HUYỆT” treatment at The Spa uses totally herbal leaves from nature combined with traditional method. That creates comfort and exciting moments for guests.

Spa treatment at CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Drinking tea at Trà House & Bistro

Unlike Japanese Chado (Tea Ceremony) or Chinese Kungfu Cha, different from Korean tea, Vietnamese tea ceremony style is a cultural highlight of national character. At Trà House, guests find a chance to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere created from bamboo and rattan materials, and subtle and luxury lacquerwares, and enjoy a classy but not too bitter taste of tea to find the purest Vietnamese.

Trà House | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Discover the special tastes of cocktail at CHICLAND Lounge

Not only the familiar recipes such as Mojito, Whiskey sour, caipirinha ... but the unique wine glasses with local ingredients at CHICLAND Lounge will also surely meet all the needs of guests. Each kind of cocktail has its own color of mood, the bartenders will guess the mood of guests then create special cups of cocktail for each. Colorfulness and taste on each cup of cocktail represent the colors of life. They symbolize the different moods of each person, sometimes warm, passionate, sometimes serene, peaceful, sometimes secretive, mysterious, sometimes radiant, joyful, sometimes sad, lonely, and disappointed.

Special cocktail at CHICLAND Lounge | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Learn about local cuisine at Lá Hẹ restaurant

At Lá Hẹ restaurant, all dishes derived from sincere love for cuisine, so they will certainly satisfy all customers fastidious. These new, and unique experiences and the local flavors together with Asia - Europe culinary arts are processed and blown soul by all love, meticulous and thorough of the five-star chefs of CHICLAND. We always make efforts to bring the most delicious meals to our guests.

Dishes at Lá Hẹ restaurant | CHICLAND Hotel

There is no reason to skip a greenery and fresh space with such a unique experience. Follow and wait for the appearance of the hotel CHICLAND to experience new things.

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