How to explore "Green Ego"

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Whenever traveling in everywhere, the most wonderful pleasure is to be immersed in the lives of people there to experience what the locals do and enjoy the locals' amusements. When getting your mind out of the daily worry, your mind will become freed and relaxed, it is time for you to attend a frugal tea ceremony, a farm to table class which is just familiar and strange, or completely relaxed thanks for the lessons of Zen Class.
  1. Tea ceremony
As one of Vietnamese most valued artistic traditions, the tea ceremony is an elegant delight that many people love by its simplicity and purity, but not everyone knows how to enjoy cups of tea in the right way. At CHICLAND's tea ceremony, we will introduce you about the origins of tea ceremony and guide you how to make tea delicate. The guests will have the opportunity to smell the pure smelling of tea leaves in each sip of tea. Through Tea ceremony class of CHICLAND, the visitors will learn how to distinguish the tea as well as how to make tea to a teapot that is not too intense. The guests also have the opportunity to discover the beauty of culture, cuisine, art, and architecture as well as the philosophy of life of Vietnamese.
Tea ceremony at CHICLAND hotel
  1. Farm to table

Danang cuisine is unique and rich because it is considered as the center of culinary culture of Central Vietnam. This is also one of the reasons why tourists are overwhelmed when coming here. Let’s follow the chef of CHICLAND to explore the Danang market and learn about the agricultural products and fresh ingredients sold here. Guests will be guided to select the freshest ingredients and then cook the attractive traditional dishes to relatives and friends under the guidance of the top chefs of CHICLAND.

Farm to table at CHICLAND hotel
  1. Zen class

In every holiday, the purity is always the factor that the guests concern because, after the chaos of the life cycle, pure space is the ideal condition to relax and recharge energy. Zen class at the CHICLAND Hotel is a great choice for guests. Slow down, keep the mind pure, listen to the body and find new corner of yourself, explore the hidden corner which has not been explored. Then add more flavor to your life.
Zen Class at CHICLAND hotel
With only a short day, the guests have the opportunity to experience a new life which is far from the noisy and busy daily life. Each class is an enjoyable experience for guests and save the guests the best memory of Danang.

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