Discover special cuisine at Da Nang Markets

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Da Nang is not only famous for its beautiful natural scenery but also a unique and diverse cuisine. Discovering unique cuisine is also a major reason to attract tourists here. There is somewhere which sells all the special dishes of Da Nang and tourists could enjoy all the best dishes here. Those are Da Nang Markets.  Follow CHICLAND Hotel to discover how foods there are unique.

  1. Cồn Market

Considered as the best dining venue of Da Nang youth, there are countless food stalls displayed from the beginning to the center of Cồn Market. When coming to Cồn Market, guest will not only have to prepare money as much as possible but also a hungry stomach so that they can enjoy all the delicious food here. In the market, there are full of all the famous dishes of Da Nang, such as banh nam, banh bot loc, banh beo, banh xeo, bun mam nem, bun cha ca. Each dining area is clean and fresh, diners can freely choose favorite delicious dishes. Walking around Cồn market and enjoy the food each afternoon will be extremely wonderful and exciting experience in Da Nang.

Cuisine at Da Nang markets | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Bắc Mỹ An Market.

Like other markets in Da Nang, Bắc Mỹ An market is also a place where have many kinds of items traded such as vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, fish. But what this market is famous for is inside, where more than dozens of Da Nang's famous food stalls, especially Aunt Van's avocado ice cream, which is not only famous in this market but also famous all over Da Nang. The sweet dessert is eaten with coconut milk, dried coconut, and roasted peanuts, a topping favored for its fatty aroma and crispy texture. While not overly sweet, this one has density that makes it the champion in terms of texture. In addition to avocado ice cream, snails are also the special of the market. This dish can be found everywhere in Da Nang's streets but in Bắc Mỹ An market is the best. This delicious dish is cooked in a pot of lemongrass, peppers and becomes a favorite dish of the diners when coming here.

Cuisine at Da Nang markets | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Helio Night Market.

Taking inspiration from some famous night markets in Thailand, Helio night market has just launched since last summer but has been attracting many tourists thanks to the exciting space. With the largest cuisine space in Da Nang, this market has all the specialties like beef dishes, rice noodles, desserts, etc; besides, it owns large shopping space to meets all the tourists’ demands. Also, come here every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the impressive performances from the famous bands in Da Nang. All those things create relaxed moments, help you enjoy a wonderful evening in the beautiful coastal city.

Cuisine at Da Nang markets | CHICLAND Hotel

Just walk around the 3 markets above, you can explore the unique and diverse cuisine of Da Nang.

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