7 Best Places To Take Wedding Photos In Danang

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1. Da Nang Beaches

The beaches in Da Nang are transparently blue all year round, with the white sandbank and the clean water zone for everybody to capture the impeccable wedding albums. The ideal addresses should be Pham Van Dong Beach and Bac My An Beach, which are highly selected by the bride and groom out there. The romantic and mesmerizing photos of many happy couples have been taken fantastically in various flattering beach angles.

Da Nang Beaches

2. Da Nang East Sea Park

In the East Sea Park, you find the spectacular scenery with flocks of pigeons for every couple to create the exceedingly romantic and natural photographs. The new brides and grooms will definitely  feel free-and-easy to pose themselves before the cameras. Since this park is open for free-of-charge, it’s perfect to capture the happiest moments. The ingredients of the blue sky, vast park, and cute pigeons make you two to be the best couple on this earth.

Teking wedding photo at East Sea Park - CHICLAND hotel

3. Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is the top-of-the-top destination for stunning wedding photography in Da Nang City. While the peninsula is pristine and beautiful, the resort system is luxurious and inspiring. Besides taking pictures on enchanting beaches, many couples also admire InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsunla Resort, Son Tra Resort & Spa, etc. The film stages in this peninsula are in big favor of many intended couples. What’s more, Son Tra owns the pristine forest and the twisty road, making it the leading venue indeed.

Wedding photo at Son Tra Peninsula - CHICLAND hotel

4. The Magnificent Bridges in Da Nang

Da Nang is famous for some magnificent bridges, and each bridge has its own style and impression to win the visitors’ praises. When taking wedding pictures in the favorite bridges, two of you can make the cute postures to create the dreaming artworks. The hand-in-hand moments in the Da Nang Dragon Bridge will leave the long fancy in your mind.

Wedding photo at Love Bridge - CHICLAND hotel

5. Ba Na Hills

The hill station and French-style resort in Ba Na Hills is reputable for the fairy beauty as the fairyland. Together with the Marble Mountain and Son Tra Mountain, this touristy hill becomes a must for the loving couples to begin their longing wedding photographs. Almost every angle here is flattering and glorious enough for the imposing shots. Some beautiful shots even don’t need to use Photoshop.

Wedding photo at Bana Hill - CHICLAND hotel

6. The Pine Forest in the suburban area of Da Nang

If you are the nature lovers who appreciate the pristine charm of nature, the pine forest in the suburban regions of Da Nang City suits you best. The pine forests have numerous flattering angles for the bride and groom to express their sweetness before the cameras. If dressed appropriately, both will look very charming. The moments that you play in the pine forest will last long for the everlasting happiness in the rest of the year.

Wedding photo at Pine Forest - CHICLAND hotel

7. Hai Van Pass

The fanciful fairy landscape of Hai Van Pass colors your wedding album as wished. It is the green forest and twisting road surround the Pass that makes your pictures worthwhile and imposing. More and more couples appreciate Hai Van and feel inspiring to make the desirable postures as the professional photography right in this monumental place.

Wedding photo at Hai Van Pass

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