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Being the leading brand in "made in Vietnam" apparel industry for decades, still, there are only a few people really know the story behind. Back in time, the phrase "Chic" appeared centuries ago, "Chic" in French represents an elegant, seductive style. Along with the development of fashion history, "Chic-style" has also grown steadily with many different schools. In the 20th century, people used "Chic" to praise the creative creations of the "giants" Cristóbal Balenciaga, Gabrielle Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent ... or the elegant style of legendary Audrey Hepburn. Stepping into the golden age of fashion, the term "modern chic" appears to symbolize the liberal, modernism of the two leading supermodels of the 1990s - Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as pioneers that represent a completely new lifestyle. A new lifestyle, even so, people call it an "addictive beauty” that creates a new trend - the era of "heroin chic".

"Chic" will always be an endless source of inspiration for any "religious pious" who worship beauties. Perhaps, the founder of the brand is an exception. Chic-Land was born with an immutable line of luxury beauty in its elegance and class. Chic-Land fashion is the harmony of traditional, classic and youthful, modern style. Every style of design, however, always keeps the spirit of "Chic", which is ingrained in the subconscious. Coming to Chic-Land like going into a sanctuary of elegance hidden in colors. It could be the nostalgic French chic style of feminine bouquets, the appeal of Geek Chic style of nudity or the urban chic revolt hidden in blazers and cullotes. We don’t do chic, we are Chic!
elegant girl - CHICLAND hotel
"Chic" in the 1600s:

The word "chic" originates in the ancient French: "chicanery" - defined as controversy. Meanwhile, there are some other ideas that "chic" is similar to the German word "shick" which means skill, adaptive and behavior.

Chic 1600s - CHICLAND hotel

"Chic" - 1887:

On January 20, an article in The Lady - a Britain's oldest weekly journal for gentlewomen (currently published) - wrote that "The New York ladies thought that there was no entertainment that was as chic as a luncheon party”.

journal - CHICLAND hotel

"Chic" - 1925:

In the most prevalent jazz scene in America, "chic" expresses all the anger in the "fashion circles". Gentleman Prefer Blondes - a novel written by Anita Loo (which was originally published on Harper's Bazaar) follows the blonde lady - Lorelei Lee, based on the data kept daily life, fashion diary as archives. She wrote "The French use the word "sheik" to tell about everything, while we use it only when it comes to gentlemen looking like movie star Rudolf Valentino. Rudolf Valentino is a famous Italian-American actor, The Sheik.

Chic 1925 - CHICLAND hotel

"Chic" - 1954:

Audrey Hepburn, the legendary late celebrity, is one of the most elegant women of all time - Sabrina. She was dressed in costumes of designer Edith Head, the designer of the Hollywood. Thanks to Edith Head's designs, Audrey Hepburn has become a fashion symbol, and these designs helped the designer win the Oscars for the film's costume. Edith Head said, "If it had been worn by somebody with no chic it would never have become a style”.

Chic 1954 - CHICLAND hotel

"Chic" - 1965:

At that time, there were some words followed by "chic". With a little bombast, the French called "très chic”, while the German called “uber chic”, and especially, in Paris, they called “super chic”.

Chic 1965 - CHICLAND hotel

"Chic" - 1993:

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are two models who defined "modern chic" by creating a new fashional era- model-off-duty style.

Chic 1993 - CHICLAND hotel

"Chic" - 2011:

Based on the ideal to redefine the word "chic", Peter Copping had designed the autumn collection 2011 for Nina Ricci. He started this research on Google and found no satisfying result.

Chic 2011 - CHICLAND hotel

"Chic" - 2016:

Recently, together with the rocket development of the social network, trendy girls such as the Jenner sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner have put Urban Chic back on the line - strongest than ever.

Chic 2016 - CHICLAND hotel

In conclusion, "Chic" is a symbol of classy, sophisticated and aristocratic manner, in that way, CHICLAND is the destination of ELEGANCE.

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Follow green inspiration, the rooms at CHICLAND Hotel do not focus on luxury. Inspiring by Zen architectural style which is the Japanese interior that having the irreducible interior - Milimalism. This style is believed to bring the balance and peace. With local materials such as bamboo and palapa-thatched roofs complement the hotel’s beach setting perfectly. Interior design in all rooms, simple as well as exciting, they are characterized by the natural hues of wood, cream stones walls, concrete ceiling and furnishings dressed in nature-catching colors.