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“Minimalist” in interior design

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Simple but full of comfort is the criteria that are a top priority in the current interior design trend. The minimalist in interior design will make space become larger, more compact and more harmonious than ever. Therefore, currently, interior design in Minimalist style is preferred by the customers. Proud to be one of luxury hotel initiating in interior design which is simple design but focuses on quality and performance, CHICLAND Hotel creates a large but warm space in every guest rooms.

Minimalist | CHICLAND Hotel

The furnishings in the room are minimized by maximizing the functionality of the interior of the room. The unnecessary walls between the rooms are removed that leads to the removal of the boundaries between the interior and the exterior.

Minimalist | CHICLAND Hotel

The partition between the kitchen and living room is removed, creating a spaciousness and harmony for the room.

Interiors are designed without decorated and with simple materials creating open space. We make use of large glass walls to absorb plenty of natural light combined with the wood materials to create a large and airy space that’s close to nature.

Minimalist | CHICLAND Hotel

Adhere to the motto "Less is more", all cumbersome angles and details like textures or reliefs will be removed and replaced by straight and simple lines.

Minimalist | CHICLAND Hotel

Despite the simplistic spirit, Minimalism creates a close and useful living space. The simplicity of the overall form, architectural details, reduction in the use of materials, colors,... has brought space into the main content of the building.

Minimalist | CHICLAND Hotel

Modern life makes us easily tired and tense; therefore, a comfortable living space will be one of the "God Drug" helping you reduce the pressure in life. Come to the CHICLAND hotel to be led to quiet, serene and close to nature space and start the journey to discover yourself and find the peace of mind.

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Follow green inspiration, the rooms at CHICLAND Hotel do not focus on luxury. Inspiring by Zen architectural style which is the Japanese interior that having the irreducible interior - Milimalism. This style is believed to bring the balance and peace. With local materials such as bamboo and palapa-thatched roofs complement the hotel’s beach setting perfectly. Interior design in all rooms, simple as well as exciting, they are characterized by the natural hues of wood, cream stones walls, concrete ceiling and furnishings dressed in nature-catching colors.