The 13 key facts about CHICLAND HOTEL

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Along with time flies, the demands for travel services are higher and higher. Recently, hotel has not only been a temporary place, a place for sleeping or luggage storage, but it has also become a destination for tourists to experience advanced relax services and enjoy comfortable moments at the hotel. Each hotel makes it different from others, at CHICLAND Hotel, we are happy to introduce the 13 key facts that create the unique and charming of CHICLAND.

  1. CHICLAND Fashion

CHICLAND Hotel is the first hotel project of the hotel chain along Vietnam of CHICLAND – a name that known as a leading brand of high fashion with 13 nationally showrooms. Currently, CHICLAND has been continuing to build a “lifestyle” hotel chain – upgrade the life value.


  1. Vo Trong Nghia Architect

CHICLAND Hotel is a project designed by Vo Trong Nghia – master of green architecture with a series of international awards for environmentally sustainable and friendly constructions.

VTN architect | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. World Architecture Festival

CHICLAND Hotel is proud to be Vietnam representative shortlisted in the final of “Leisure Led Development/ Future Project” at World Architecture Festival 2018.

WAF 2018 | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Architectural concrete

Bare concrete has become the hot material trend in the world purchased by many designers. Bare concrete is not only popular to architecture, but it also use in interior designs such as tables – chairs, stalls, shelves to diversify and create the emotions to that space. CHICLAND Hotel is the largest project in Vietnam that used bare concrete for total of 21 floors and 4 facades of the building.

Architectural concrete | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Large-scale greening

To be the highest building in Vietnam covered with a vertical greenery system that is created by the large parterres and branches of Indian Pluchea, CHICLAND Hotel makes guests feel as if they are in green heaven.

Large-scale greening | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Eco-chic lifestyle

Eco Chic lifestyle means experience life in a very subtle and fashionable way. It is a full life with moments of enjoying every aspect of life: waking up in the morning with the sunshine and walking around the small garden just inside your room’s balcony or stepping your feet onto the sand under morning sun to listen to the sea wave. CHICLAND creates the upgrade of life value for guests, leads guest to the land of nature – green – rustic.

Eco-chic lifestyle | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. “Minimalist”

To be one of luxury hotel initiating in interior design which is simple design but focuses on quality and performance, CHICLAND Hotel creates a large but warm space in every guest rooms.


  1. “Sustainable travel”

We are always aware of the important and necessary of environmental protection, and always cooperate with businesses who also get awareness of environment and use the least non-renewable resources. The leaders of CHICLAND Hotel always give prominence to meet the current demands of tourist and local while ensuring the ability to meet the demands for future generations, and maintaining the local cultures.

Sustainable travel

  1. Use adobe brick

Adobe brick, which is a friendly environment material, was used in constructing for all building. This is a kind of brick that are capable of soundproof, heat insulation, good waterproofing, so it creates a quiet and cool space in the hotel.

Adobe brick | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Use MDF boards standard E1

CHICLAND Hotel is the first large building used totally MDF boards standard E1 - the highest rating available for furniture manufacturing in Europe and Japan. They contain just 0.005% amount of formaldehyde which lowers six to twelve times compare with E2 and E3 standard.

MDF boards standard E1 | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Local materials

We maximize using local materials such as basalt stone, sandstone, nulgar bamboo, and rattan together with folk and traditional materials blending in contemporary design.

Local materials | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Organic Food

All dishes at CHICLAND Hotel restaurants are cooked with 100% of organic and in season food ingredients which are mainly supplied from citizens that meet the criteria of green and clean.

Organic Food | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Traditional value

At CHICLAND Hotel, we always give top prominence to local cultural values and put those values together through the ideas about restaurants of hotel (a tea house or a Central flavor restaurant, or space of the spa with traditional treatments).

Traditional value | CHICLAND Hotel

With those special emphases, CHICLAND hotel promises to be an impressive destination and make all the guests feel pleasure.

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Follow green inspiration, the rooms at CHICLAND Hotel do not focus on luxury. Inspiring by Zen architectural style which is the Japanese interior that having the irreducible interior - Milimalism. This style is believed to bring the balance and peace. With local materials such as bamboo and palapa-thatched roofs complement the hotel’s beach setting perfectly. Interior design in all rooms, simple as well as exciting, they are characterized by the natural hues of wood, cream stones walls, concrete ceiling and furnishings dressed in nature-catching colors.