The story about strong vitality from East Sea

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Winds and storms are the most descriptive words to describe a characteristic of this sea areas - where there are so many tropical rains or unforeseen storms.

Vegetation species selected at the CHIC-LAND Hotel are heroes in the botanical world. They grow up in marshes along the coastline: the spiny stem tree that grows tangled has a half-submerged root or thin but solid, tough stalks. They can even create natural barriers as a guard against storms. And above all, they are air filters, which handle large amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, bringing fresh air, life, and soul to the building.

1. Confetti

In the cool green space of the CHICLAND Hotel, Confetti emerges with a very light purple hue that symbolizes the feng shui of human cohesion, symbolizing attachment, prosperity and good fortune. 

Confetti - CHICLAND hotel

According to Vietnamese ancient stories, confetti also mean the removal of evil spirits. Confetti can be easily identified under the balcony of the room, restaurant, spotted on the green background of the hotel.

2. Madagascar Almond

This tree has a special meaning to us, during the development of the project, we always envision the construction of a green park on a tall vertical building showing a different way of thinking, breakthrough and completely change the traditional concept of gardening. Madagascar Almond are planted in large balconies interspersed in the building and on the infinity pool area.

Madagascar Almond - CHICLAND hotel

3. Hawaii Areca

Similar in shape and color to Lady Palm, Hawaii Areca also has a strong use in purifying toxic chemicals, creating fresh air and relaxing elegant space. The plants are mainly planted in the reception area, entrances.

Hawaii Areca - CHICLAND hotel

4. Lady Palm

Lady Palm is a prominent plant with the ability to regulate, improve the atmosphere, purify the harmful gas. Besides, Truc Palm also brings a lot of good things in feng shui sense. Our ultimate goal is to take care of our customers both physically and mentally.

Lady Palm - CHICLAND hotel

In CHICLAND Hotel, rattan trees are planted in corridors and guest room balconies.

5. Indian Pluchea

Indian Pluchea also knows how to make a difference in the natural world with extremely vigorous vitality, drought tolerance, water resistance, adaptation and survival in the sunny and windy climate of Danang sea.

Indian Pluchea - CHICLAND hotel

Indian Pluchea is grown on the façade of CHICLAND’s building.

6. Cymbidium

From ancient times, Cymbidium has always maintained its position as a flower of the aristocrat "King of flowers", by using this flower we want to affirm: in addition to creating comfortable spaces, relax with the interesting activities in the hotel, we always try our best to bring service and 5-star facilities to customers.

Cybidium - CHICLAND hotel

Cymbidium is used in restaurants, spa, and other public areas.

7. Sea Malayan Banyan

Sea Malayan Banyan is a tree that is very familiar to local people, expressing a very Vietnamese characteristic in this international signature architecture. Sea Malayan Banyan is grown in large balconies and public areas.

See Malayan Banyan

The green and fresh space with fresh air meet the criteria to turn the hotel into a "home in the garden" model, CHICLAND always makes efforts to bring guests the best feeling of relaxation, comfort.

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Follow green inspiration, the rooms at CHICLAND Hotel do not focus on luxury. Inspiring by Zen architectural style which is the Japanese interior that having the irreducible interior - Milimalism. This style is believed to bring the balance and peace. With local materials such as bamboo and palapa-thatched roofs complement the hotel’s beach setting perfectly. Interior design in all rooms, simple as well as exciting, they are characterized by the natural hues of wood, cream stones walls, concrete ceiling and furnishings dressed in nature-catching colors.