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Da Nang is a beautiful land with many attractive destinations. Located on Vo Nguyen Giap street - nears the charming and wild My Khe beach, CHICLAND Hotel is an ideal place for tourists to stay during their holiday. This is a favorable position because the tourists will find that it’s really quick to move to other adventures from CHICLAND Hotel. Let’s point out some incredible destinations surrounding here.

  1. My Khe Beach

To be a near beach hotel, so the tourists have to take just 2 minutes from CHICLAND Hotel to approach My Khe beach with beautiful sand, gentle waves, warm blue water and the green of coconut rows. My Khe, the best beautiful beach in Vietnam, has been voted as one of the six most attractive beaches in the world by Forbes - America's leading economic magazine.

My Khe Beach | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. East Sea Park

Known as a “Peace Park”, East Sea Park attracts many tourists thank the wonderful and romantic scenery with the beautiful beach. The other special feature of East Sea Park is the block of more than a thousand of doves shading the sky in every early morning and late afternoon. A place with a beautiful beach and full of doves has really become a hot destination for those who love peace and beautiful nature.

East Sea Park | CHICLAND Hotel

  1. Love Bridge & Dragon Bridge

Landed on the East of the Han River on Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra district, Da Nang, on the side of the Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge has become a new dating destination for young people and tourists by romantic beauty. From the CHICLAND Hotel, the tourists have to take about 5 minutes by taxi or motorbike to move Love Bridge and also the downstairs of Dragon Bridge. Standing on Love Bridge, visitors can be sightseeing the beautiful scenery on the Dragon Bridge, admire the full shape of the Dragon reaching out to the East Sea.

Love Bridge & Dragon Bridge

  1. Han River Bridge

To be a symbol of Danang city, Han River Bridge is the exciting place when staying in Danang. Besides the magical beauty, the reason why the bridge swings on each 2 night at weekend from 11:00 pm to 00:00 am is also the mystery that attracts many tourists. People say that, if you come to Da Nang without discovering how Han River Bridge swings and how Dragon Bridge sprays fire, you seem not to have traveled Da Nang yet. The reason for the swinging of the bridge is to create spaces for boats to go through. No one wants to miss this beautiful lightning bridge swinging in the middle of the river.

Han River Bridge | CHICLAND Hotel

So, with maximum of 5 minutes for moving from CHICLAND Hotel, tourists are able to discover many exciting destinations of Danang. Especially, guests have a chance to admire the dawn scene on My Khe Beach every morning from the swimming pool of hotel.

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